Heroes of Eberron

Quick, To the Cornerstone!
Heroes of Eberron

You have freed Ogg Vorbis and whom you assume to be the middle Bronzeknuckle brother from this mysterious band of dwarves.

Myst Bronzeknuckle and Ogg Vorbis have both been severely beaten, but it is Myst who clearly has enough energy to kill the last aggressor in a fit of rage. “You would threaten my family? Die!” and in a flash of crimson energy, the rogue dies, his body a smoldering husk. Turning to the rest of you, he regains some of his composure, “You have done my brothers and I a great service, and the Bronzeknuckles are in your service.” With a final thanks, Myst leaves.

Time is growing short. You search the bodies for anything of interest, and note very little. The mish-mash of items and weapons makes you think these were capable veteran thugs, with some military background, but the equipment, identifying tattoos, scars, and other identifying marks show very diverse backgrounds.

You quickly make your way across the city, taking a air-ferry up to skyway. You have a little time to spare, and take a short break to catch you breath from this morning’s activity.

The Cornerstone is being moved in one of three caravans, no one is being told which one. They will set off and move across town to where House Orien maintains a teleportation circle and then be teleported to the Mror Holds and House Kundarak will take over and secure them in their most protected vault.

You briefly see Ha’thel, and have time enough to learn that he has been assigned by House Orien to guard on of the other caravans. Something about him has changed, but there is little time to catch up and final preparations are made.

Tensions are high when you set off, eyes scanning the streets in all directions. You come under a low overpass, with fabric and trellis work covering the bridge across the street. Even though you are alert, you jump a little bit when you hear a dull thud of an explosion where one of the other caravans pass. You then hear a tearing noise above you, and a large log swings down through the cloth passes harmlessly through the air steeds pulling the wagon, and slams directly into the wagon. A glance tells you the wagon driver, struck down from the wagon will be out of the fight. The team quickly arrays itself to defend the wagon. Archers reveal themselves from surrounding balconies and a number of warriors step out from nearby doorways and alleys.

The fight is joined. They are being led by someone hooded, perhaps the same person you met earlier, his hood covers his face too well to tell. He leads a group that tries to come up from behind the wagon, but Morz is there waiting for them. Dromus, Gag, Uriel and Spike directly engage the villains coming from the front. Penn and Umvaldt locate themselves for a more complete picture of the battlefield able to assist anywhere needed. The fight starts off well enough, with the team easily keeping pace with the villains. Their leader, the hooded figure gives a signal, and disappears, appearing on a balcony a short distance away, his hood falling off to reveal himself as an eladrin.


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